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The Bible-Presbyterian Church of Western Australia (BPCWA) was founded in 1986 by Calvary Bible-Presbyterian Church of Singapore as a missionary outreach to Australia. Raised up by God in an age of great falling away from the faith, BPCWA continues to shine forth as a beacon of light to the surrounding community, standing firmly for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. 

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Update: Saturday, 6 June 2020

Dear BPCWA Family

We thank and praise God for His graciousness to Western Australia.  With the Phase 3 easing under the 100/300 rule, we can now regather in church with up to 100 people per single undivided space, and up to 300 people in total over multiple spaces.  I thank God also for our worshippers who have responded to register online to return to church under Phase 3.  With these, we are now able to return in full for our meetings instead of having to roster groups each time.  You do not need to have a Google calendar invite in order to return to church for any meetings.

Lord’s Day Worship services

Starting 7 June, we will begin welcoming worshippers to worship with us in church at our 10 am Worship Service.  For the first Sunday, 7 June, there will be no pre-Service prayer, Sunday School classes, and English Basic Bible Knowledge (BBK) classes.  

Starting 14 June, this will be our regular schedule each Lord’s Day:

8:30 am

Pre Service Prayer

9 am

Basic Bible Knowledge & Children Sunday School

10 am

Worship Service

Arriving and leaving

When you arrive, please enter from the front of the church. Take a bulletin for yourself, go to the room where you wish to be seated, pick up a hymnbook from that location, and seat yourself.  You can view the seat layout at www.bpcwa.org.au/seating.

In order to maintain proper distancing, management of space, and as we adjust physically to having separate worship services, we request worshippers to come earlier before worship starts, and leave the church no later than 12:50 pm on Sunday.    This allows for the Chinese congregation worshippers to arrive at or after 1 pm, reducing congestion at the exit/entrances, as well as freeing up car park spaces that will be needed by the next congregation.  

Anyone who has not registered to return in Phase 3 must self-fill their contact details on the form on the table at the entrance of the church foyer.

Maintaining proper distancing and space management 

Please observe physical distancing as you queue or as you enter/ leave the church.  It is hence important for you to come early to avoid congesting the entrance at the last minute.  Please do not come if you have any COVID related symptoms.  

Please do not move or change the positions of the chairs.  Chairs have been prearranged to ensure that we maintain physical distancing and meet the 2 sqm capacity limits required under Phase 3.  While it is free seating, do sit with your households on seat arrangements according to your household sizes at each service.  

Prayer Meetings, Fellowships and Bible Studies

Like the Lord’s Day worship, all registered worshippers can now return for our 7:30 pm prayer meetings and Friday fellowships.  We will not be using Google calendar invites anymore.  

Bible Studies which were conducted online will gradually resume in church.  As they do so, announcements will be made in the church bulletin.  Worshippers should sit as a household in seat rows that most closely match their household sizes at all meetings.  Attendances at these meetings will be taken by the respective fellowship groups.  

Tithes and Offerings

In order to avoid the need to handle and count cash, offerings will not be collected during the services held in church.  We should continue to return to the Lord our tithes and offerings through bank transfers to the BPCWA bank account, BSB: 016-268, Account: 4784-38319. Please include in the description for the transaction the words “Tithes Offerings”.

Returning to the Lord for the building fund can be done by bank transfer to the BPCWA building fund account BSB: 016-268 Account: 5313-03414.

Let us to continue to pray for the church, each other, and our country at this time.  The pandemic is not over, and we must continue to pray that it will be contained in WA, and for wisdom upon our government leaders.    

It has been a long 2 months away from church, and my heart rejoices with thanksgiving that we can once again worship our Gracious God together.  Now that we have known how sad it has been to not assemble for worship, let us prepare earnestly to seek His face together, and stir one another to fervently worship and learn of Him in His house.  

The LORD hath made known his salvation… Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise. (Ps 98:2, 4)

Yours in Christ,


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